All Dashboards Should be Feeds

And you know what? I have no idea whether my numbers on those services are good or not. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about them. In fact, though I love Chartbeat, the information that I get from them that means the most is their push notifications on my phone which tell me […]

Greg Linch on “quantifying impact”

Currently, works of journalism (articles, videos, galleries, graphics, etc.) no matter what subject (news, sports, entertainment, business, features, investigations, etc.) are quantitatively measured the same. An investigative piece that might be nowhere near as popular in pageviews across a mass audience (yes, sometimes, they can be) is quantitatively measured the same way a celebrity death […]

Questions publishers want answered

Short list of questions publishers want answered that I believe could be answered with the right data: Who are my best writers? What topics are my audience most engaged in? Which types of pieces do best over time? What type of stories should I have my writers work on? When is the best time to […]

School, what is it good for?

School, what is it good for? Key insight from Conor’s Carnival of Journalism post: “process in education is often more important than outcome.”