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Product review: Miracle Method

Our kids bathtub had a botched repair job by the previous owner that we discovered last November. After calling a couple of fiberglass repair specialists, we learned the bathtub was probably plastic, and we’d have to replace the entire tub. Because there’s tile around the bathtub too, we sat on our hands for months, hemming […]

A full fridge is the sign of a happy home

Or so I’ve always thought. Our fridge tonight contains: Homemade whey (and it’s corresponding cream cheese). Fermented salsa. Leah has a new, quadruply-spicy batch on the counter. Half an avocado. Bobo is eating these like it’s her job. Go Bobo! Homemade watermelon citrus gummies. "Tummy Gummies" — good for the gut! Eggs by the dozen. […]

Daniel Bachhuber

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