Homemade gnocchi with sausage, and butternut squash and apple soup


Last night we celebrated Leah’s brother’s birthday at my house. Happy birthday Sam! Our contribution to dinner was homemade gnocchi with Italian sausage, and a delicious butternut and apple soup.

The gnocchi is actually two recipes on the Martha Stewart website. We used a couple of sweet potatoes in our gnocchi and added Italian sausage from the New Seasons meat counter.

The soup came from my mom’s Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I remember her making it sometime in the not too distant past and loved it. The apples and apple cider are what make it unique — we used honey crisp. It’s great for a rainy fall evening.
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Two life decisions: veganism and work email

Last night, I made two life decisions: I’m going vegan and I’ve removed my work email account from my iPhone.

For the first, Annie and Jacob have been eating vegan for about a month and a half now. Jacob convinced me to switch last night when he made an amazing grilled pizza with mushrooms, onions, peppers and a tahini sauce. I’ve seen it’s possible to eat well while eating vegan, and I’m pretty sure you end up eating more vegetables too.

For the second, I’ve had a policy for a while where I turn my computer off at end of the work day at PIE. This naturally extends to not getting sucked into work email at home either — and the easiest way to do so is to remove the account from my phone.

Life hacks for a deliberate life.