LittleIpsumm. Neat little random text generator that lives in your menu bar. (Via Andrew Witherspoon)

The Official Homepage of Milkman

The Official Homepage of Milkman. Mashups wonderfully delicious to my ears. Improving my day started with five hours of sleep like a thermometer on a sunny day in Borneo. (via Andrew Spittle)

Mashed Up Mashup

Mashed Up Mashup. Girl Talk’s Night Ripper album on top of Girl Talk’s All Day album by Evan Roth.

Girl Talk – All Day

Girl Talk – All Day. The latest from Girl Talk, fresh as of yesterday, and available for free download.

AppDelete = Better than AppZapper (and it’s free!)

I love how there is almost always a free version of the software you’re expected to pay for. A few days back, after I formatted my harddrive, I made the mistake of installing all the default software the Apple includes (whoops!). AppZapper came to my mind as a good piece of software to remove all […]