Based on a bit of documentation I’m writing now for work, here are two features I want for Edit Flow:

  • Task list (similar to Basecamp) – Identify the points I need to cover when they come to me, and then make sure I cover them.
  • Editorial markup – Highlight a bit of text to record I need to fact check the statement, expand the idea, or eventually clarify further. trac tickets you should follow

One of my goals this summer is to contribute more to WordPress, the open source project we all know and love. To kick this off, I’ve started tickets for small improvements I think will make the software significantly more usable. You should follow the tickets if you want to help make them reality.

#18031 Add a “Network Admin” link to WP Admin Bar

Currently on a multisite instance, the super admin must first navigate to the dashboard (using a link on the left in the admin bar) and then use a dropdown menu all of the way on right of the dashboard that requires a click to access the Network Admin. In short, this is frustratingly complex; there should be a way to easily access the Network Admin from the admin bar. I propose we add a “Network Admin” link for Super Admins in the account dropdown. Optionally, we could also add sub menus to the primary sections of the Network Admin.

#18082 Reset screen options button

It would be nice to have a “Reset” button in screen options to restore any given admin view back to the factory defaults.

#18160 Auto-suggest usernames on views for adding user to site

In a multisite network, it’s often difficult to try and remember usernames, or a pain to search the users table, and then copy and paste the username you’ve found into the window with the form. Furthermore, site admins have no access to a global table of users to search and add from. If we can solve the scaling issues, it would be much better to be able to auto-suggest usernames when a site admin or super admin is adding a user to a site.

#18161 Bulk action: Add user to multiple sites

Currently, to add a single user to multiple sites, the super admin has to edit each site, add the user to the site, and then go on to the next site. To improve this workflow, it would tremendously useful to be able to add a single user to multiple sites in the network admin.

#18163 Include more usermeta fields in the Network Admin’s “Add User” view

The view for adding a new user in single site instances includes many useful fields (e.g. first name, last name, a checkbox for whether the user should be emailed the password, etc.). We should replicate this in the network admin to keep the super admin from having to edit each individual profile.

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