The editorial search engine

The editorial search engine. How do you capture, present, and make accessible 100% of information on any given topic? Furthermore, how do you realistically scale your efforts in doing so?

How did WordPress win?

How did WordPress win? Automattic was systematic about targeting high profile brands and incredibly aggressive in trying to get them to switch. Enlightening insights from Byrne Reese, former Product Manager of Movable Type.

The Case Against Data Lock-in

The Case Against Data Lock-in. Data portability fosters greater trust with your users and pushes your engineering team to innovate with the product faster than competitors. Fabulous article by Brad Fitzpatrick and JJ Leuck.

URL Design

URL Design. Github has the best URLs ever.

Imagining the Semantic Economy

Imagining the Semantic Economy: Imagine a global economy in which every piece of information is linked directly to its meaning and origin. In which queries produce answers, not expensive, time-consuming evaluation tasks. Imagine a world in which reliable, intelligent information structures give everyone an equal ability to make profitable decisions, or in many cases, profitable […]