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“What Stanford and MIT do for technology, we hope we can do for journalism”

Check out the video from the entrepreneurial journalism information session last week for the full details from Jeff Jarvis and Jeremy Caplan. We’ll also be at Hacks/Hackers NYC’s Epic Holiday Fête on December 20th; come prepared with questions about the program.

Virtual rummage sale

I’m moving to Brooklyn at the end of the month, more on that later, and need to unload the bulky household items I’ve accumulated over the past few years. These include: TEAC stereo, 125 watt KLH subwoofer, two bookshelf speakers, and four floor speakers Matching dresser and night stand IKEA standing desk and chair IKEA […]

In the news: entrepreneurship in India, Paul Farmer and Haiti, and water access around the world

Three news items that caught my eye in the last couple of days: Building a Social Entrepreneurial Garage Startup in India – PBS MediaShift Update from a pretty cool project to bring community radio stations to rural India. If it’s not too prohibitive to launching one of these (who knows what it takes to legally […]