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Virtual rummage sale

I’m moving to Brooklyn at the end of the month, more on that later, and need to unload the bulky household items I’ve accumulated over the past few years. These include: TEAC stereo, 125 watt KLH subwoofer, two bookshelf speakers, and four floor speakers Matching dresser and night stand IKEA standing desk and chair IKEA […]

On giants

“See, the big guys have, and this has always been the case, when you have an existing business, whether you’re the record industry, the television business, or the movie industry, and you don’t want to cannibalize it so you stay away, or the New York Times [even], from these new distribution media because you go, […]

Built from scratch

If you wanted to build a completely digital student news organization from scratch, how would you do it? Which beats would you cover right off the bat? Would you cover club sports and campus sustainability, or the common news the student newspaper already covers? What form would your content take? Would you focus on text, […]

Daniel Bachhuber

Proud father and husband. Principal, @handbuiltco. Maintainer, @wpcli. Sales, @rtcamp.