Git endpoint for content in WordPress

A horrid, crazy idea: a Git endpoint for the content in my WordPress install. One step back to the problem I’m trying to solve. More and more, I enjoy writing in Markdown with iA Writer. “Publishing” whatever document I’ve written generally involves hitting the Preview button in iA Writer, and then copy and pasting text […]

How to manage a proper multi-author WordPress blog

How to manage a proper multi-author WordPress blog. Latest version of Edit Flow makes the list of recommended tools. Interestingly, at the top of the list is a team blog, P2 in fact, for authors and editors to discuss ideas, share links, etc. Now, if only that were embedded within the admin too…

Idea: Visualizing coverage overlap

The challenge: Handling story pitches from dozens of contributors, and understanding where those pitches overlap with each other and existing coverage. If you could map information, you could build an interface for editors to see this in terms of spacial distance.

Edit Flow v0.5.1

Late Wednesday night, well technically the first thing on my birthday Thursday, we tagged Edit Flow v0.5.1. It’s a maintenance release fwithor things like backwards compatibility with WordPress 2.9.x, no email notifications for posts with status “auto-draft”, and having the editorial calendar follow normal WordPress user capabilities for editing posts (fixing this). It also means […]

Edit Flow v0.5, now with a slick editorial calendar

After a bit of a hiatus, we finally tagged the 0.5 release of Edit Flow this past weekend. The most significant new feature is a slick editorial calendar designed by Andrew Spittle, implemented by Joe Boydston, and nitpicked by me. Functionally, it allows you to view all content, regardless of status, in a week view, […]

Covering Science and Technology: So you want to be a tech writer?

David Wolman and Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk) led the conversation for the last panel this afternoon. Informational interviews are a key part of finding stories, David says. He consumes a lot of coffee, talks with people about what they’re working on, and then also asks about what else they’re working on. That secondary information can lead […]