WordPress theme for WP REST API documentation

Much of the WP REST API v2 documentation is automatically generated from demo.wp-api.org/wp-json/?context=help. A Ruby script dumps the JSON into _data, and Jekyll generates pages like this: It would be cool if someone wrote a WordPress theme (or plugin) to automatically generate a documentation site from a WP REST API index — and the only configuration parameter was […]

New plugin: Document Feedback

Document Feedback is a new WordPress plugin to close the loop between documentation writers and readers. By default, it appends a simple prompt to the bottom of every Page: If a reader responds to the prompt, they’re given a follow-up question to clarify their response. Readers must be logged in for the prompt to show […]

WordPress.org idea: Translation support for documentation and FAQs

Prompted by this thread, it would be neat if the plugin directory supported translations for documentation and FAQs. This could be support for secondary copies of the plugin readme with the locale as a part of the filename (e.g. readme.en_GB.txt).

Writing beginner level tutorials

Writing beginner level tutorials. A number of useful tips. My favorite: “use words and phrases that your reader can Google to find more information.” For producers of documentation, I think the biggest challenge is putting yourself in the mindset of the reader. The second biggest challenge is closing the feedback loop between the person who […]


Idea: make learning best practices, coding standards, etc. more engaging by converting standard documentation into interactive quizzes and games. This would also provide feedback to the instructor on which topics were understood and which need reinforcement. We could use this as a part of the onramp process for new Code Poets to reduce the number […]