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Reporter for iPhone

Reporter for iPhone. Nifty approach to a personal data tracker. Randomly timed surveys throughout the day, solid design, and an emphasis on data ownership — no cloud sync, only export to JSON or Dropbox. First step: collect the data. Second step: generate insights.

5 reasons news organisations prefer in-house web publishing tools

5 reasons news organisations prefer in-house web publishing tools. Greater assurance it integrates with the rest of your stack, you ensure the content lives on permanently, aren’t subject to everchanging third-party terms of service, opportunity to build a better workflow around the tool, and, most importantly, building in-house can give you a competitive advantage.

I’m back on Facebook and Twitter

Yes, you can call me a hypocrite. Yes, I’m still a firm believer in portable data and identity. Pragmatism won out over idealism. One, an increasing number of sites now use Facebook and/or Twitter exclusively for their user authentication. In this context, having a corporate-controlled ID is unfortunately better than having no ID. Two, at […]

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