Class: Blogging Best Practices, 4/25/11

Last night was the second of three Blogging Best Practices classes I’m teaching for the J-School. You can read my recap of the first class as a primer. Eight of the nine registered students showed up, and one of the Entrepreneurial Journalism students joined us. Overall, I’d give execution a “good.” We covered a fair bit of material but, as survey responses attest, the students are ready to move from theoretical to practical. We also ran out of time in a serious way. Recapping thoughts on the session, then class notes at the end. Continue reading “Class: Blogging Best Practices, 4/25/11”

Class: Blogging Best Practices, 4/11/11

Better way late than never on this one, I suppose. Monday night was the first of three editions for Blogging Best Practices. All nine students showed up. It went surprisingly well, especially considering I had only a nebulous idea of what I wanted to teach on Friday and 45 minutes to prepare the actual lesson before class. I suspect it illustrates the importance of knowing your material. Monday’s busyness continued through the week, but I’d like to nail down a few thoughts while they’re still lukewarm in my memory. The class notes are at the end of the post.

Continue reading “Class: Blogging Best Practices, 4/11/11”

Class: Entrepreneurial Journalism Technology Immersion, 3/21/11

From 6 to 7 pm this evening, I joined Selcen Onsan’s Tech Immersion class as a guest speaker. Tech Immersion is one of the five Entrepreneurial Journalism courses this spring. I want to write down a few thoughts on the session as a way of starting to iterate (and hopefully improve) my teaching methods. The notes we collaboratively generated on a Google Doc are at the bottom. Continue reading “Class: Entrepreneurial Journalism Technology Immersion, 3/21/11”