Ski report: Tahoe, January 2013


The Miles and Daniel ski trip is now strong into its third year. This time we were joined at Squaw by Albert and lots of Miles’ roommates and friends. Many thanks to Natalie for coordinating the lodging.


Saturday: 20.5k feet of vertical in 20 runs. Post-ski, two hour hot tub session.

Sunday: 22.4k feet of vertical in 21 runs. Miles, Albert and I prepare an epic feast of brussel sprouts, garlic bread, spaghetti, and chocolate mousse for 18 people. Albert schools everyone with his simple tomato sauce recipe.

Monday: Sleep-deprived and hungover.

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Porch view from the Automattic VIP/media services meetup cabana.

Ski report: Tahoe, January 2011

Crashed at Sunnyside Lodge this past weekend and skiied two days at Squaw Mountain with Miles. No fresh snow but the weather couldn’t be beat.

Saturday: 28,500 feet of vertical from 31 runs over 7 hours. Beer and chili fries for lunch. Grilling with Burt Herman and his friends in South Lake.

Sunday: 22,800 feet of vertical from 24 runs over 5.5 hours. Long drive back to San Francisco. Homemade pizza dinner with Hilary Titus and her roommates.

Monday: early morning flight back to NYC just in time to take the lady out dancing for Valentines.


Troubleshooting server timeout issues on a Macbook Air through a Sprint wireless hotspot while traveling 70 MPH down I-680 gives whole new meaning to the phrase “mobile office.”