TIL you shouldn’t share the “web invoice” link in Harvest

Harvest is amazing (genuinely). In two years as a daily active user, this is the first issue I’ve ever encountered with it:

I heard back from our developers, and it looks like this issues stems from not sending invoices directly from Harvest. It sounds like you might be copying the web invoice link and sending that to your clients, then marking the invoices as sent manually.

The problem with this, is our Stripe integration relies on a Sent invoice to generate an email address to be used for payment. This is compounded by the fact that we have per-user invoice links now. The invoice link you’re copying is from your own account, and when someone else visits that link, Harvest think it’s your email address viewing it.

To fix this, you’ll simply need to send your invoices directly from Harvest normally. If that’s not the case, let me know and we can take a closer look!

So, if you use Harvest, I guess you shouldn’t do that.


5:30 am, Monday morning, and the first bug to bite me this week? Edit Flow / lack of custom status support in core.


Breaking my radio silence on this here blog to call out for help: if you know why my alloptions cache ends up as 0 when I restart Memcached, I’d love to hear from you.

Because when alloptions ends up as 0, wp_cache_add() never adds alloptions to the object cache, resulting in hundreds of options queries on every page load.


Fixing Growl notifications in v1.3

For one reason or another, upgrading Growl to v1.3 causes all sorts of mayhem. Growl v1.3 is a new, paid application that’s different software from the previous preference pane. The only instruction I saw when I upgraded was to run the uninstaller for the preference pane. After a bit of trial and error, I discovered there’s a couple more steps you’ll most likely need to do to get things working properly again.

First, download and open Growl Version Detective. You’ll see something like this:

Select each application Growl supports and upgrade the framework version to 1.3. Notifications should start working again.

Second, if you use Skype, you need to tell Skype to use Growl instead of its internal notifications system:


The second step finally quells unstoppable notifications of contacts signing in and out of Skype.

iCal fail

iCal fail. With how often this happens to me (this time deleting a significant part of my upcoming calendar), you’d think that Apple would’ve introduced some sort of revision history for their syncing. I’m ready for something new.