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Paid feature development of open source plugins

On Twitter this morning, I asked: How do you feel about having clients sponsor development of specific features? Good idea or fraught w/ problems? Apparently this dilemma resonates with developers: Rarst: “sounds better in theory than works in practice, from my limited experience” Boone: “Generally a good idea, as long as the client’s needs aren’t so […]

Advantages of code review

Advantages of pre-deploy code review, over post-deploy audit: Authors have a strong incentive to craft small, well-formed changes that will be readily understood, to explain them adequately, and to provide appropriate test plans, test coverage and context. Reviewers have a real opportunity to make significant suggestions about architecture or approach in review. These suggestions are […]

#wcphx: Five tenets to mastering WordPress development

Enlightenment is knowing what your code is doing and why. Thankfully, instead of having to depend on your inner calm, there are a number of tools and strategies you can use to better see what’s going on. We’ll survey a range of topics you should explore to turn your frustration into bliss. Feeling better already? […]