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On launching WP Remote Premium

This past Friday, after months of work and then two weeks of hard work, we launched a Premium version of WP Remote. The new feature list includes: Automatic backups to WP Remote, or Dropbox or your own S3 account. Daily email summaries of what’s been happening on your sites. Ability to install, activate, deactivate, and […]

Beta test the new WP Remote API

WP Remote strives to make it much easier to manage your WordPress sites. This week, Joe and I are in Portland to build  a Premium version. Being the developers we are, our first order of business was to completely rewrite the API, and make it available for public consumption. We’d love for you to break it […]

Another thing GitHub does well is automate tedious — and important — tasks. There’s a very strong culture of building mini-apps and Hubot scripts if it helps with automation.

There’s two reasons for why we push hard on this. The first is most obvious: you’re letting a scripted process save you time so you can focus on doing real work. The second is more subtle: automation reduces institutional knowledge. Institutional knowledge leads to a minority group inside of the company retaining answers. That forces new employees to bother those few in order to make impactful changes. It becomes a very verbal, synchronous process, which we try to avoid.

Zach Holman — Scaling GitHub’s Employees.

Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Self-Driving Cars

The project is being guided by the artificial-intelligence researcher Sebastian Thrun, who as a Stanford professor in 2005 led a team of students and engineers that designed the first winning entry in an autonomous vehicle contest organized by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Since then, Dr. Thrun has focused more of his activities […]

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