The Bullet Hole Misconception

Computer technology has not yet come close to the printing press in its power to generate radical and substantive thoughts on a social, economical, political or even philosophical level. The printing press was the dominant force that transformed the middle ages into a scientific society. Not by just making books more available, but by changing […]

Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Self-Driving Cars

The project is being guided by the artificial-intelligence researcher Sebastian Thrun, who as a Stanford professor in 2005 led a team of students and engineers that designed the first winning entry in an autonomous vehicle contest organized by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Since then, Dr. Thrun has focused more of his activities […]

Witty things I would’ve said on Twitter today

Future display @A_L @andymboyle Assholes. The beard competition started a week ago. (in reply to) Seven hours of meetings today. New record. Aperture’s face tagging functionality is wicked skynet. I’m glad I have @greglinch as my personal Twitter curator. Woohoo, new running shoes!