New hardware: 13″ Macbook Pro

While I didn’t really need it, I finally decided to upgrade. Pictured on the left is my new, fully-loaded 13″ Macbook Pro. Retina, 3 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, etc. Pictured on the right is my old, yet reliable, 13″ Macbook Air. It’ll take a while to collect a similar set of awesome stickers. Largely because of the […]

The phone dilemma

I have a two year-old iPhone 4 I need to upgrade. The iPhone 5 is out of the picture because of the different form factor. My Mophie won’t work with it, and there aren’t any cases for it yet. This morning, I went into both an AT&T store and an Apple store. Apparently the only […]

New kit: MacBook Air

After much deliberation: 11″ screen, 128 GB flash drive, 2 GB memory. Initial observations: it’s so light and applications load in half of a heartbeat. Here’s hoping for an epic battery life.

Reeder for Mac

Reeder for Mac. Reeder for Mac enters public beta. Oh so shiny.

Adhoc transportation

Here’s the problem: I, like many people I know, drive too many places all alone in my car.  One person in a three ton metal vehicle that could easily transport five.  To move all of that mass around, with such unused, waste internal space, is an inefficient use of energy. Money is made by identifying […]

An abandoned lighthouse?

At the ad:tech conference this year in New York City, the most widely anticipated news came from a company less than three years old. This is hardly a surprise to those who follow the tech industry; Facebook, currently valued at over 15 billion dollars, is the hottest thing since Google or MySpace. It has been on […]

AppDelete = Better than AppZapper (and it’s free!)

I love how there is almost always a free version of the software you’re expected to pay for. A few days back, after I formatted my harddrive, I made the mistake of installing all the default software the Apple includes (whoops!). AppZapper came to my mind as a good piece of software to remove all […]