Hand Built has a blog

You should add my new Hand Built blog to your RSS reader. Going forward, I’ll be using this blog for personal stories, photos, and so on.

Farewell, New York City

tl;dr – I’m leaving CUNY and NYC, and starting a new gig with Automattic’s VIP/media services team at the beginning of August. I’ll be mostly in Oregon for at least two months, but plans are TBD after that.


Big news to announce. Which, unfortunately, requires I launch my new theme design. Which, unfortunately, requires I finish configuring the new Rackspace Cloud server that needs to host the new theme design. Tk in due time.

How we provide real user monitoring: A quick technical review

How we provide real user monitoring: A quick technical review. My favorite stack monitoring application just got 10x better. In addition to tracking application and database response times, New Relic now also measures what the user experiences in their browser. Wicked.

Highrise now has custom fields!

Highrise now has custom fields! Its utility just went up 10x. Most valuable: filtering contacts by custom fields. Now we wait for Wufoo to upgrade their API integration.


At TechCrunch Disrupt earlier today, Scott Karp announced Publish2 News Exchange, a product we hope will be an elegant way for news organizations to collaborate. Specifically, P2X offers scalable content-sharing networks for newspapers, and affords online-only publications the opportunity to have their content syndicated in print. This, in conjunction with a redesigned link journalism system […]

College Publisher to WordPress conversion script is now open source

Alternate title for this post: Let the exodus continue. The Python conversion script CoPress used to migrate over 50 student publications to the glorious free and open source WordPress is now itself licensed under GPL version 2. It’s optimized for College Publisher 4 and College Publisher 5 databases, but will also work with most any […]

Why I’m leaving

As of yesterday evening, I am no longer an employee of the Oregon Daily Emerald. My decision comes after two months of frustration trying to get the Daily Emerald off of College Publisher. College Publisher, for those who are unaware, is a proprietary, locked, and nearly obsolete content management system (CMS). In my opinion, the […]