Turning questions into metrics

Turning questions into metrics. I love it when Stijn writes long blog posts. Gets me all warm and fuzzy about journalism.

Greg Linch on “quantifying impact”

Currently, works of journalism (articles, videos, galleries, graphics, etc.) no matter what subject (news, sports, entertainment, business, features, investigations, etc.) are quantitatively measured the same. An investigative piece that might be nowhere near as popular in pageviews across a mass audience (yes, sometimes, they can be) is quantitatively measured the same way a celebrity death […]

Hello Publishers, Meet Dash

Specifically, editors at separate organizations asked us the same question: Can you share some of that data with us? You know, the topic data and the data on authors? Begrudgingly, we agreed, and started to send out reports on a monthly basis. Editors: “Hmm, this is great! Can we get this quicker?” Parse.ly: “Uh, sure. […]

Questions publishers want answered

Short list of questions publishers want answered that I believe could be answered with the right data: Who are my best writers? What topics are my audience most engaged in? Which types of pieces do best over time? What type of stories should I have my writers work on? When is the best time to […]


Thought: One of the most valuable features of Twitter as a publishing platform is that the writer has a much better sense of who they’re communicating with. There’s a “Following” list which puts names and reputations behind a readership. Furthermore, the writer can indirectly assess the likelihood of their content being consumed based on followers’ […]

Fast and great support from the 37signals team

Fast and great support from the 37signals team. Metrics tracked: Percentage “Smiley” (or positive) ratings Average time to first response Average time to first resolution Percentage of cases taking more than four hours to reply Percentage of cases getting a response in the first hour

Blog posts about the BostonGlobe.com announcement

Blog posts about the BostonGlobe.com announcement. Andy Boyle is keeping track of all the blog posts about the launch, along with publication date and time, word count, and whether the writer did an interview for the piece. More analytics about information.


Idea: Prioritize frequently asked questions on an external facing documentation site based on how often the questions get asked in support tickets. Show the number of times a given question was asked this month as a way of indicating to the customer that the answer probably already solves their question.

Tracking data on everything: Web team projects

Data makes the world more visible. At the end of March, I embarked on a personal initiative at the J-School to quantify as many of our processes as possible. My working thesis: if we can generate enough data about a system, and have a framework to understand it, we can be far more effective in […]