Window seat on Amtrak 651 Keystone Service to Philadelphia for my third BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly tomorrow. Stoked to hang out with Andrew, Andrew, Marc, Sean, Greg, and everyone else. Michelle arrives tomorrow night after her Yelp event. We’re staying at the Penn View Hotel, and then will enjoy a tourist day on Sunday.

Three months later



It took way too long, but I finally had my sweet Kilowatts mounted with G3 Onyx AT bindings. The setup is complete with a pair of Dynafit ZZero boots with heat-molded liners which, if you’ve never experienced, I would highly recommend trying at least once in your life. I can’t wait to see how they ski. With CoPress closing down, more on that shortly, my goal is to make it happen more than the once a month I’ve been averaging.

A quick memo for the future: I’ve been able to sneak by the Amtrak baggage czar with a single pair of skis multiple times, but if they catch you with two pairs of skis and boots, they’re probably going to make you check them. Considering I wasn’t schlepping a ski bag, I have my fingers crossed that they don’t get mangled.