Tips for planning a high school reunion

Having never planned a high school reunion before, here’s a non-exhaustive list of things I wish I had known in advance: Pick a date about 9 months in advance, announce it, and then don’t think about it for 7 months. You don’t need to spend 7 months meeting, discussing, and meeting again. The last two months […]

Argument Cultures and Unregulated Aggression

Argument Cultures and Unregulated Aggression. For open source projects, I’ve long wanted dedicated moderator resources for heated debates. A little diplomacy would go a long way.

Post-Mortems at HubSpot: What I Learned From 250 Whys

Post-Mortems at HubSpot: What I Learned From 250 Whys: This is a somewhat specific detail, but it comes up a lot, so I wanted to pull it out. If you run a bunch of 5 Whys, you’ll find that a lot of times, the developer who made the first-order mistake (forgot to copy configs from […]

Malcolm events

Management is the care and feeding of the invisible. You’re doing your best when it appears the least is happening. I love the thrill of the last month of a release as much of the next guy, but I suspect the reason we’re yelling at each other, working weekends, and feeling the depressing weight of […]

Essays from Peter Thiel’s Stanford class on startups

Essays from Peter Thiel’s Stanford class on startups. In a nutshell, freely available material like this is why I am a college dropout. Every essay is worth reading — queue up your Pocket. I particularly appreciated this one on markets, competition, and monopolies. (via Spittle)