Idea for the VIP ElasticSearch add-on: ability to pass arbitrary documents with external URLs to be included in the index. (ref)


mbijon March 2, 2013 Reply

Given the number of people calling for better search on .org, and the problems scaling relevance results on big sites (see #7394) this could be a valuable, maybe even paid, Jetpack add-on too.

Alex Mills March 2, 2013 Reply

Not possible with the current implementation. Rather than actually sourcing the results from ES and displaying those results, I’m instead asking ES what posts should be displayed and then telling WordPress to get those specific posts. The advantage of this is the data is actually coming from WordPress itself so there’s a lot less hackery going on and you don’t have to worry about ES being out of sync (for the most part).

Daniel Bachhuber March 3, 2013 Reply

You could probably shove some content in a hidden post type, have that indexed, and any presentation of the post would just link directly to the asset.

Greg March 3, 2013 Reply

Patches welcome. 🙂

Nothing necessarily wrong with using ES as the “canonical” data store for this sort of data as long as we have a good way to regenerate it if we have to reindex (eg list of links in mysql).

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