In one month, I’ve spent $191.94 on car2go.


Alex Mills November 8, 2012 Reply

Seems expensive — I pay half that for my insurance.

Does that cost include gas?

Daniel Bachhuber November 8, 2012 Reply

Includes everything — gas, insurance, and the minute by minute rate.

Nick Momrik November 9, 2012 Reply

At what point is it easier to get your own car?

Daniel Bachhuber November 9, 2012 Reply

If I lived in the burbs, or had to drive on a daily basis, I’d get a car again in an instant. As it is now, I’m saving at least $100/month by doing car2go at will be even more when I move.

Nick Momrik November 9, 2012 Reply

I’m always curious to hear about this stuff because not having my own vehicle isn’t an option where I live.

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