Social media suicide

Today I deleted my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’ll be 30 days before it’s a permanent decision. And yes, I did this once before.

But why?

They’re addicting, and I don’t want to be addicted anymore. I also believe their businesses are morally reprehensible, dependent on exploiting human psychology.

But you can always reset your password so you can’t log in.

I did that. It’s like locking the alcohol in a cabinet that you still have the key to.

Blogs are cooler. You should blog too!


M Asif Rahman November 13, 2017 Reply

Interesting. Its very well discussed topic how social media is decreasing our productivity and it’s going to affect our whole generation. I personally try those listed initiatives to have better control over the time I spend –
1) Not using Facebook (which has the most use in my demography) from my Mac.
2) Not using any chat application in Work hour, beside Slack, but only Work Channel.
3) Not reading a random article I come across on the work computer, add those in Pocket, and read from iPad, which I only use if I have leisure time.
4) Check email, only 3 times a day, not like always checking in real time.
5) iPhone shows which App you use for how long, check it regularly and try to decrease.
6) Use RescueTime type solution, and have a precise goal, and try to reach that. Like one of my goals was to spend less than 30min per day in Social Media.

Hope this helps.

Rahul Bansal November 15, 2017 Reply

I thought about doing this many time but always hold back!

Few things I did:

– I have all notifications – email, phone, etc turned off
– Unfollowed almost everyone – people, group, pages
– Liked pages which I care. Mostly pages for blogs I used to read in old Google Reader day. This way my feed shows stuff I anyway care to read.
– Using “Save to Facebook” chrome extension instead of Pocket. So now when I go to Facebook, it shows me articles I wanted to read. I still get distracted to articles I wanted to read but I end up reading those. With Pocket, I kept adding them to Q that I rarely checked.

Ben Hutchings March 8, 2018 Reply

I wanted to thank you for your work on WP-CLI via twitter and ended up here. It’s probably a good decision you’ve made. Twitter is pretty toxic. I’ve also deleted FB and LI but keep Twitter for the contacts I guess.

Anyway, thanks for your work on WP-CLI 😉

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