Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise

WordPress is the ideal choice for a future-proof publishing platform because of its steadfast commitment to backwards compatibility. This means the code you write today isn’t going to break when you update to the latest version tomorrow. In fact, the vision for WordPress is that, much like many browsers and mobile apps, you shouldn’t have to think about which version you’re running—you’re just using WordPress.

Even with this commitment to backwards compatibility, the WordPress project is always pushing forward on the latest and greatest. For instance, WordPress’ new JSON REST API presents a modern interface for other systems to pull data out of or push data into WordPress. Prefer a React-based frontend? Use the REST API to pull a custom data model into JavaScript. Need to deliver from a print CMS into WordPress? The REST API has automatically generated documentation, making it possible for the print CMS team to complete the project with minimal involvement from the WordPress team.

Daniel Bachhuber — Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise: #6 Future-Proof

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