Long weekend in Portland

Wednesday night: Delta non-stop flight from JFK to PDX. Michelle got a bulkhead seat, and I an exit row, so she traded the guy sitting next to me.

Thursday: few calls in the morning, purchased new running shoes, hour swim at The MAC, delicious lunch at Paragon in the Pearl, haircut with Brenda, drive to Eugene, and dinner at Pizza Research Institute with Shane, Hugh, and Michelle (both the chef’s special and the pear and pesto one were superb).

Friday: Breakfast at the Glenwood, drive back to Portland, afternoon nap, Prosperity Park out and back run with mom, and family picnic dinner in the park.

Saturday: 30 minute swim at The MAC, walking in Forest Park with Andrew, lunch and a Digital Journalism Portland sesh, hanging out downtown with Michelle and her sister, and a wonderful salmon dinner at home.

Relaxing weekend was just what I needed. Next trip I’m bringing my nice camera.

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