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Walked around the Pearl District and "Slabtown" this morning with Leah and my parents. Seeing everything in a totally new light now thanks to my mom’s copy of Portland City Walks. Unexpectedly delightful exposure to the history just a couple layers beneath my day to day life.


Off to Utah for three days of shredding gnar gnar sicky pow pow with Miles, Albert, and Joe. Last weekend left me pessimistic about the snow coverage, but it looks like the weather gods are smiling upon us kindly. Almost a foot in the last day, and more to come.

Joe will be in Portland next week for hacking and general mischief. If we manage to bang out the product idea I’ve had forever, it’s going to be something I’m very excited to show the world.


Yesterday: First day of skiing for the year! Did a full day at Timberline with Ned, Leah’s dad. He’s a ski patroller, and it was a fun day tagging along to see what that’s like. 21k feet of vertical over 17 runs.

Today: Hiked Dog Mountain with Spittle. Gorge-ous day in the Gorge, but bitterly cold. Saw a few other brave souls.

Now: Just about the perfect time for a hot bath.


It would be nice if the WordPress comment reply UI in the admin had a WYSIWYG editor. Seems like an easy win.

Hell, WordPress should support Markdown in comments by default.


Wonderful, restorative long weekend in Victoria with Leah and her grandparents. Highlights: Saturday salon, lots of sleeping, morning walks to Moka Coffee, bananagrams, reading on the beach, and watching (almost) the first season of Breaking Bad.

Spent a long time thinking about my role in the WordPress community too. Wrote a pretty angsty post this morning that didn’t end up now I wanted it to. Still not sure how to solve the problems I see.


Boarding Delta 178 to fly off to Amsterdamn for the week (and then WordCamp Europe). Traded my exit row first class for 17G, which has a power outlet. What a concept! Looking forward to 10 hours of uninterrupted hacking…


Working on a project with lots of separate Git repos? Create a master repo, add each repo as a submodule, and git submodule foreach git checkout dev. If you’re working on a feature that spans multiple repos, simply use the same branch name for each repo. Can’t believe I didn’t think about this before.


On a sci-fi kick right now. Well, the kick has been on for a while. Fortunately I’ve found two great series: Iain M. Bank’s Culture, and Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen. Twelve and five books long, respectively.

With any luck, these should hold me out a few more weeks…


Trail run with Jordan today to Hood’s Paradise Park. Twelve miles in total over three hours, and running for nine miles / two hours.

I didn’t bonk on this one, but I did feel pretty beat at the end of it. And today definitely wouldn’t have been a good day for forty.

The theory is that it was a combination of dehydration and the wrong heart rate for me. Planning to pick up a Garmin GPS + heart rate monitor watch — we’ll see how slow running at 145 bpm is like.

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