Highlights from the American West

We spent two weeks this month on an awesome road trip through Eastern Oregon and Idaho. Our first stop was Joseph, where we stayed for four nights (VRBO). If you’ve ever been to Jackson Hole, Joseph is a much earlier version of it: gorgeous mountains, one touristy main street, and a bunch of farmland otherwise. […]

Four short links – September 27, 2018

Epic bootstrapping, sprawl repair, jq for HTML, and cryptocurrency pump and dump. How to Bootstrap Your Way to $250,000,000/year with JT Marino of Tuft & Needle (Indie Hackers) — Epic story of a superbly-executed startup. Underscores the value of studying existing tactical best practices to avoid learning lessons the hard way. Is Strong Towns the […]

Quillette and Waking Up

Just signed up to support Quillette and Sam Harris’ Waking Up on a regular basis. Both are publishing important, intellectually demanding work, on par with or exceeding traditional news publications. Most recently, I enjoyed “The Hysterical Campus” in Quillette and Sam Harris’ interview with Yuval Noah Harari. And, if you want more of the  backstory […]

Blogging’s missing piece

One core mechanic lacking in modern blogging: knowing who is reading your work. With an email newsletter, the writer has reasonable confidence their work is delivered to a known audience. With a blog, the best the writer has are comments and Twitter, both which are totally broken. There should be better tools for the writer […]

“Growing Tualatin” housing presentation for Tualatin BAC

“Growing Tualatin” housing presentation for Tualatin BAC. Michael Andersen, now of the Sightline Institute, gave a great presentation to the Business Advocacy Council contextualizing our local housing shortages with the economic trends of Washington County, and then identifying the solutions other cities are already applying. Watch the video or, easier still, read the transcript I […]

Update on Try Gutenberg blockers

“Try Gutenberg” is an initiative, currently scheduled for WordPress 4.9.8, to drive more usage of the Gutenberg editor plugin. A while back, I left an offhand comment listing issues I saw as blockers (those that caused data transformation that would be hard to recover from at scale). This comment apparently received more attention than I […]

Four short links – July 3, 2018

Universal Basic Income, machine learning, Fusion post-mortem, and opioids. Waking Up Podcast #130 – Universal Basic Income (Sam Harris with Andrew Yang) — Best possible explanation of the underlying economic forces justifying UBI. Ways to think about machine learning (Benedict Evans) — Imagine what you could do with a million ten year-olds. Univision Is A […]

What we need: more social innovation

The reality is that no one is more concerned about the impact of AI on society than the people who are building it. Almost always, the more someone knows, the higher his or her concern level is. Some might ask, “Isn’t it their fault? Aren’t they the ones building the technology that is going to […]