A New Kind of Economy — An Interview with Andrew Yang

My honest feeling is that the entire capitalism/socialism framing is decades old and unproductive. So, what I’m suggesting is that we need to evolve to the next stage of capitalism, which prioritizes human wellbeing and development. If someone were to say to me, for example, hey, you’re for universal health care, and that’s an idea […]

Three flavors of Gutenberg backwards compatibility

This is my attempt at answering an issue I opened in January. Please take my opinions with a grain of salt. WordPress is known for its commitment to backwards compatibility. It prides itself on functional consistency between major releases, and makes sure actions and filters continue to work as expected. Gutenberg is big and huge […]

Competition, markets, and open source

On Wednesday, at WEA’s housing and transportation conference, I met an economist who’s studying competition and the shrinking number of small / medium-size businesses. New business formation isn’t behaving as most people would expect it to in a strong economy. She thought open source, both software and methodology, might be a solution to make small […]

Gutenberg nightly build

If you’d like to run Gutenberg’s master branch without creating your own build, you can use this plugin ZIP I’m building on a six hour cron: Install the Gutenberg nightly build via WP-CLI with: Once you’ve installed the Gutenberg nightly build, you’ll notice the version includes -alpha- followed by a seven character alphanumeric hash (e.g. […]

What we’re cookin’

Homemade food we’ve made in the last four days: Smoked pork soup Garlic brown sugar glazed salmon Smoked tri-tip steak (omg so good) Cinnamon raisin swirl walnut sourdough Regular sourdough Ugandan eggs bread with tomato chutney Turkey meatballs with homemade pasta Black bean brownies Dried apples and pears from our trees Great start to the […]