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How to bold a button in Apple News

Update News Preview to latest version. Reboot computer after News Preview crashes on launch. Open News Preview again, which crashes on launch again. Accidentally discover new XCode components that need to be installed. Reboot computer again. Open News Preview again, which crashes on launch again. Commit Apple News JSON changes and test on production.

Titles for blog posts I haven’t written

The many different correct ways to write a WordPress plugin How raising kids has taught me to give zero fucks about open source If you work in tech, income equality is the real problem you should hack on What I’ve learned about personal finance in the last year, and how it’s completely changed my perspective […]

Going for it

Today’s milestone: I’m ready to kill the consulting cash cow and start a product business. The startup media is full of stories of twenty-somethings grinding out long hours for little to no pay to build their business. When you have a wife and kids dependent on you keeping food on the table, reality is much […]

Massive list of links: November 13, 2017

In honor of Nat Torkington’s Four Short Links, I present you: a massive list of links. The Personal MBA (Josh Kaufman) — As the title implies, everything you’d get from a MBA in one book. Except the school name and associated tuition bill, of course. The Quarterlife User Manual (Rob Montz) — Succinct set of guideposts for those […]

Social media suicide

Today I deleted my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’ll be 30 days before it’s a permanent decision. And yes, I did this once before. But why? They’re addicting, and I don’t want to be addicted anymore. I also believe their businesses are morally reprehensible, dependent on exploiting human psychology. But you can always reset your […]

Slack is the new email

Does this look familiar? Person A [6:37 AM] Please ping me when you are online. Person B [7:42 AM] What’s up? Person A [8:56 AM] What do you think about topic X? In case it’s not immediately obvious, this conversation is horribly ineffective. It’s imprecise, has a high degree of latency, and is hugely wasteful. […]

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