Brian Lam on what technology means for happiness

Informationally, we are becoming lard-asses. In the pageview and ratings driven media economy, too much of the content these days is designed to be just like junk food to quickly boost quantifiable viewership. If you make content that is the intellectual equivalent of gummy bears, your site will appear to grow quickly. Advertisers reward size, and growing fast is expected in most places I’ve seen.


I think we–and information workers like programmers, designers and writers especially–are capable right now of living a fantastic life that marries the wild vitality that Thoreau experienced at Walden with the better parts of civilized living. This is a life that Ted, if he were still in his cabin, could be envious of–if we could only muster the discipline to get away from the noise.

Brian Lam — Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic

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Tylon February 2, 2012 Reply

Technology has saved my life. Earning my certifications during the time I spend here at the prison has been very healthy for me. I see what you mean, but you gotta be pro-active even with technology. People just need to find more time for healthy things. Word up.

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