Automattic has me spoiled

Automattic has me spoiled. Today, I sat through an hour-long conference call and a two hour committee meeting. Let’s say an average of ten people were attending each. If each person makes an average of $30/hour, the conference call cost $300 and the committee meeting cost $600. And… the content of both was largely status updates.

P2 needs a better marketing landing page so I can more easily sell it to every group I’m a part of.


christinemohan March 8, 2012 Reply

Daniel, you just described every corporation & non-prof I’ve ever worked for. Was up to 7 meetings a day at my last gig before I quit. Am a fan of, their motto: “Every minute you avoid spending in a meeting is a minute you can get real work done instead.”

Lauren Rabaino March 31, 2012 Reply

I shared this status update on the Seattle Times’ internal P2.

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