A separate desktop app for each Slack

Slack, the “all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda“, is even worse when you participate in multiple organizations. In 2017, I deleted the Slack desktop app to cope:

Being signed in to a dozen plus Slack organizations led to notification paralysis — the unread indicator made it impossible to get anything done. Since then, I open the corresponding Slack organization when I’m actively working on a given project, and leave it closed otherwise.

This works well with one drawback: I often lose Slack in a sea of browser tabs.

Behold, a better solution! Nativefier makes it easy to create a desktop app for each Slack organization. For example, here’s how to create one for the Post Status Slack:

nativefier https://poststatus.slack.com/ --name 'Post Status Slack' --icon post-status.pngCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

Lost no further:

Screenshot of switching to the Post Status Slack application

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