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Menu idea: Nothing but custom CSS page template

For those who have the custom design upgrade enabled on, it would be neat if we offered a bare, stripped to the basics page template you could style to your hearts delight. For instance, if I do a year in review post, it might be nice to prepare a unique design for that. Dustin Curtis is notable for producing custom layouts for each post.

Obviously you can do this now, but you first need to reset a lot of design first. If you switch themes, there’s no guarantee your resets will still work.


  1. What about Toolbox –>

    This also reminds me of the first book I every bought on web design it was called the Zen of CSS design and it introduced me to the , which really showed me how powerful CSS only changes could be.


  2. +1000 to this. I’ve been mulling over how there’s been little innovation in the way we present content.


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