WordPress.com idea: Tweets as comments

Often, when a post is publicized to Twitter (or Facebook), the ensuing conversation then happens on the other platform. The challenge with this is two-fold: the conversation happens out of context of the original piece, and isn’t as accessible as time goes on.

It would be neat to pull in responses to or retweets of a publicize action back into the context of the original post. Furthermore, those external reactions should be ingested in a structured manner, and the comments iA should reflect the nature of type of reaction.

This isn’t a new idea as it’s been done before but it’s still something to be vastly improved.

4 Replies to “WordPress.com idea: Tweets as comments”

    1. I haven’t… link? How well does it do incorporating tweet responses into the comment stream? I’d love for it to be super smart about it — retweets should display minimally and direct responses to the specific tweet should receive more prominence (and then it should pull in my responses too if I’ve replied on Twitter).

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