I’m back on Facebook and Twitter

Yes, you can call me a hypocrite. Yes, I’m still a firm believer in portable data and identity. Pragmatism won out over idealism.

One, an increasing number of sites now use Facebook and/or Twitter exclusively for their user authentication. In this context, having a corporate-controlled ID is unfortunately better than having no ID. Two, at work I’ve had to ask other people to do tasks I should be doing and I’m done feeling weird about that.

This little ol’ weblog is still my preferred publishing residence and that won’t change anytime soon.

9 Replies to “I’m back on Facebook and Twitter”

  1. We must share a hive mind of sorts. 🙂

    Had a post all ready to revise tonight and publish tomorrow saying a similar thing. I guess I’ll give it another once over and publish it anyway.

    What was the process like to get your username back?

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