1. You shouldn’t need to insert it into your templates. Just install, activate and configure it in the admin. You can have it appear on posts, pages and custom post types if they exist.

  1. Thanks for the very swift response Daniel, but I’d prefer to manually insert it please if that’s possible. Can you give me the correct php function to call? I’ve tried but that doesn’t seem to work

    1. Sorry, I should make myself a bit clearer. I want to control which pages and exactly where the post author box appears. I want to also ensure it doesn’t show up in my mobile themes which it currently does.

      If I can get the correct function, I can add it to my single.php theme template in the order I want it and I can be happy it will only appear there.

      Thanks again, for the best post author plugin I’ve found.

      1. Ah, I see what you want. If you have access to your template files, why don’t you just reproduce the author metadata? Otherwise, I’d be happy to consider a feature request.