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  1. Have thought of doing this too but, unless I’m mistaken, Google Apps are still hosted on Google servers (logins are usually[site].

    Where’s the freedom win?

    1. I think you missed the point: portable data and portable identity.

      Portable data means I have full control over my email. If I want to move my email to a new service, I can do so with a number of standard protocols. Say Zimbra offered wicked cool statistical analysis of who you talked to and what you talked about over time. Getting my data into Zimbra could be done by importing my local mailbox or giving Zimbra access to my existing account over POP. In fact, I have a continuous backup of my data too because I use Google Apps through Apple Mail which keeps an archive of the entire thing.

      Portable identity means who I am known as remains a constant, regardless of service provider. My email address is, instead of or All I need to do to switch providers is change my MX records.

      To be honest, it doesn’t much matter where my email software is running as long as I have the freedom to choose.

  2. I made the switch to Google Apps a while ago, but left all my older emails in my gmail account. It would be nice to have them all in one place, how did you set up the transfer?

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