100 free development hours

Send me a problem your business is struggling with. If I pick it, I'll put at least 100 development hours into producing a solution for it.

I love solving problems. Right now, I’m in search of a good problem to solve.

Here’s my pitch: send me a problem your business is struggling with. If I pick it, I’ll put at least 100 development hours (including documentation, support, etc.), free to you, into producing a WordPress plugin, open source library, or SaaS that solves the problem. You get early access, plus a lifetime usage license.

“What’s the catch?”

Of course, there are some qualifiers:

  • The problem needs to relate to your existing business. Building the next Snapchat is unlikely to be picked.
  • Because I’m doing the actual work, I own the end product. You get a lifetime usage license.
  • The better the problem, the more likely it will be picked.

The sky’s the limit, though. Five problems? Send them all.

“Why should I give you my valuable ideas?”

Unless you’re already working on the problem, you’d probably be better off with a robust solution than trying to build it yourself. Ideas are cheap; execution is everything.

Case in point: even I had the idea for Uber back in 2008.

“How will I know if my problem is picked?”

If I pick your submission, you’ll definitely hear from me.

Even if I don’t pick your submission, I’ll send a follow-up email in a few weeks time.

Here’s the submission form again.

“You’re crazy”

Yes, sometimes I have crazy ideas on my runs.

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